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Healing Music

Healing, relaxing music to release stress in body and mind, based on the ancient sacred music of India

Roop Verma

Healing, relaxing music that uses an automatic process of deep inner healing set in motion through the right combinations of sounds that resonate within and fill the space around us.

Sound has an invincible power. Nothing is an exception to its laws of natural harmony. In the ancient temples of India, masters developed a musical system which has a natural healing and relaxing effect on the human body and mind by arranging sounds taken from nature. Musical sounds have a natural harmony between them. When combined in a specific manner, they have a relaxing, healing and harmonizing effect in balancing the energies of the body and invoking different feelings that influence our very DNA.

Therefore, the arrangement of tones for different times of day, night and seasons, and how they relate with the changing states of body chemistry, were at the very center of study for the ancient Indian masters of sound and music. To preserve the purity of this music, it has been handed down in a strict oral 'master-pupil' tradition to this present day.

The human body is like a musical instrument, expressing numerous frequencies and rhythms in a constantly changing spectrum of life. It responds and resonates in consonance with music, sounds, speech and thought from the environment, and undergoes changes of heart beat, breathing, blood chemistry and circulation of energy in various energy centers (Chakras) of the body.

Noise and disharmonious music are equally responsible for disturbing the space around as well as within us. Healing, relaxing music brings the fields of resonance around and within us back to order and sets into motion a pattern that attunes us to our natural healthy rhythm.

Stress is at the cause of most human problems today. Relaxing and healing music helps the stressed out modern-day individual relieve stress.

You will find Roop Verma's music most suitable for relaxation and healing. His beautiful melodies relax the minds and bodies of those who experience them. You can experience deep upliftment and peace during and after listening. His music is profoundly meditative, calming, transforming, elevating, enjoyable, and stress-reducing, and complements activities of all kinds, such as yoga, meditation, sleep, and waking up. People around the globe have benefited from Roop Verma's healing music, which creates a relaxing and healing atmosphere in any activity.

To experience Roop Verma's healing music for yourself, please listen to the soundclips of his recordings on the individual product pages of the online store.