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Music is an extension of ever-expanding conscious awareness.

"Your inner being knows all your dreams, hopes and desires.
So, go on and take a leap fearlessly,
Universe is on your side."

We are not a finished product of Nature!

I was born in a music loving family of North India and grew up in an environment rich with art and culture. My family and teaching lineages trace their traditions to the spiritual renaissance of ancient and medieval India.

As a child I loved to split apart every toy I played with to investigate "what was on the inside?" In doing so, I discovered my inborn curiosity which led me to realize that in fact I was on an eternal journey of exploration and inner discovery. Thus, without exception I too went through deep self-analysis and made numerous sensitive and tough decisions to discover my greater purpose.


Ancient wisdom says; 'When we are ready, the teacher appears'.

So they did! Meeting great teachers was not coincidental but a manifestation of the longing to understand music, not merely as a craft or an art form, but in relationship with life itself. The teachers nurtured me with their profound love and knowledge, helping me to realize that spirituality and music are one and the same.

Each insight became a turning point for my path.

To understand the connection between spirituality and music, I began a new and revitalized journey and merged into studying Indian philosophy and the ancient texts on Indian music. This process led me to developing inter-active Music and Awareness programs which I have had the honor of sharing with international audiences for the last 36+ years including:

  • Sacred Music and Consciousness
  • Music as a Spiritual Journey
  • Energy and You
  • Music and Meditation
  • Music - A Powerful Healing Modality
  • Nada Yoga (The Science of Resonance)
  • Heritage of India - The Music
  • The Seven Energy Centers (The Chakras)


As long ago as the Vedic period, early Indian music has defined and recognized that each tone has a frequency and that when tones are arranged in a certain form, group or combination, there is a movement of energy that generates its own specific field of resonance. This field of resonance permeates the environment and has direct influence over the mind, directing its attention towards the source, the delicate fabric of the soul, awareness.

At this point, we step out of the mundane and transcend the sense of time and space, past and future and become established in pure awareness of the eternal "Present", the un-changing.

Yoga philosophy calls it the "Unified State" – a state of bliss (Ananda).

There is an eternal traveler in us who finds its own path - and when it happens, we realize that the travels were truly a gift. The gifts are the beginning of a divine dialogue with our Creator, the source of all music.

This is the most wonderful shift to inner equilibrium, the personal energy that becomes our teacher and guides us. Hold on to this sense of rising awareness as this is the boat to sail through the ocean of Samsara (the world).

Once again, it was a turning point!

It's true for all arts, that awareness of 'space' is like a 'base color' on the canvas over which the artist creates an art form.

This awareness is achieved when artistic expression is free from merely intellectual interpretations, the grammar and techniques of color, sounds and rhythms as the goal. They are the extraordinary 'means' and certainly not the goal.

Indian sages taught that one must transcend these tendencies and allow the intuitive, all-knowing self to emanate, shine and show the way.


"We are not a finished product of Nature!"
"Set your sails right and sail fearlessly."

Roop Verma