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Meditation Music

Meditation Music to Calm the Mind

Meditation is not prayer. Prayer has content and a subject. Meditation is content-less observation.

Meditation music is designed around the principles of natural harmony that resonate throughout creation. We humans have a mind that is constantly seeking, investigating, analyzing, comparing, choosing, rejecting, running after some things and ignoring others. Meditation music is a time-tested system, practiced by ancient people, for calming the pre-occupations of the mind and promoting peaceful meditative states.

We are being bombarded by countless vibrations and energies from the collective thinking processes of the masses. These energies penetrate our bodies and minds without our intention and interfere with the originality of our expressions and experiences of life. Meditation music helps us come out of the trap and restores the natural vibration, un-tampered, as our Creator intended us to be.

Pure meditation music transcends time and space. It helps us enter the field of direct experience, which is not affected by the fluctuations of the mind. This music leads us to a state of freedom, in which we access and understand our core inner blueprint, which is always original and pure.

Nada Yoga is the science and practice of meditation on inner sound vibration (Anahata Nada) to regain our synchronicity with the rhythm of Nature. It leads us from a state of imbalance to a state of awareness where healing is automatic. The aim of Nada Yoga is to purify and harmonize the gross and subtle bodies in alignment with their natural vibration. Nada Yoga opens the door to a deeper level of physical and spiritual awareness and transformation. All our experiences of love, joy, peace, health and happiness are orchestrated by consciousness from the field of heightened awareness.

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